17 Sep 2009

SC on construction of statutes in U.P.

The entire country is watching (with fingers crossed, ofcourse) the fate of the litigation pertaining to the challenge to the decision of the Government of Uttar Pradesh to construction statutes in public parks relating to the incumbent Chief Minister and others. The drama has all the more unfolded with the Supreme Court directing stay on the construction activity and the yet construction continuing as per the media reports. 

The Supreme Court took note of these reports and came out in stern words that its order be complied and any such construction activity, if continuing, be stopped within almost immediate effect. Allowing the parties to prepare to make suitable representations, the matter has been posted for tomorrow when the State Government, newspapers and others would file in their sworn statement stating the nature of the activity which took place. The Court has also requested the Solicitor General of India to assist the Court as amicus curie. 

One can now only wait, for the facts to unfold in their true colour. [Have a look at the order passed on 11.09.2009].

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