24 Jan 2010

Height varies momentarily: High Court

Ever heard that height of a person can vary each day? Well if no, it is intriguing to take note that the Delhi High Court has taken judicial notice of a fact which it proclaims to be well known in medical jurisprudence that the height of a person varies momentarily. The High Court was dealing with a writ petition filed by an for a government position wherein the qualified required a particular height. He complained that even though he carried such height, it was recorded wrongly by the authorities which was evident from three different heights recorded by them. In these facts the High Court upheld the plea of the Petitioner, taking note of these and other circumstances as under;
13. We have on record 3 height measurements of the petitioner. The first is the height measured by the respondents, being 169 cms; the second is the height measured at the District Hospital, Deoria UP, being 170.60 cms and the third is the height measured today being 171 cms. 
14. How is it happening?
15. It is known to medical jurisprudence that as the day passes the height of every individual shortens by a few millimeters. It is recognized by medical jurisprudence that the maximum height of a person is when he gets up early morning and takes the measurement for the reason, sleeping in a horizontal position in the bed all night, loosens the limbs and in particular the vertebra of the person. Rising out of the slumber at dawn and commencing normal activity, by standing on the feet, due to gravitation pull downward, the vertebra and the other joints in the body tend to compress.
16. This explains the variation in the height of the same person if his measurements are taken during early hours of the morning and in the afternoon and late evening; 3 measurements would surface.

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