21 Feb 2010

The blog revamped !!!

Taking note of a number of suggestions which this blog has received since the culmination of this attempt to spread the message on law more than two years back, I decided to shed the reigns and adopt a new look for the blog. Accordingly, from a strong black background we have moved to a light sky-bluish background for this blog. Removing the not-so-necessary gadgets - to make the webpage lighter and easier to load - I have tried to maintain and continue with the essence and the substance while the form may have changed. 

In this process, to say the least for them, I thank the followers and readers whose intrigue for knowledge and information on law issues continues to strengthen our resolve to keep updating them with the bit of information of LAW which I always refer to the enlightening and kindling light for the curious soul. In the last two years of this blog, the blog has had over twenty thousand visitors, over 150 regular watchers and innumerable friends and well-wishers who continue to inspire by a word in person or through their commendations on the blog or the web-pages it hosts on social networking sites. But then the quest I have undertaken, doesn't stop at this. This just a beginning and 'I have miles to go before I sleep'. 

If knowledge is empowering, and power carries the ability to mould opinions and command changes in behaviour, then the knowledge of law is definitely the way to go for the like-minded citizens to ensure that the society they strive to become habitable, attains that civilized status in an appreciable way. To say of just one law - the Right to Information Act - as having brought to terms so many erring public servants and ensuring that they work in the correct perspective and a time bound manner, one can only imagine with joy the wonders of a system where the dictates of an enforced legal system brings our society to be governed by the idealized canons of justice of the Dharama as well call it.

I am aware that these very high aims that we attempt and aspire for but then unless we aim we will never reach. I am sure that the motivation and assistance available would only increase to ensure that the attempt to attain the high ideals continues till a satisfactory outcome is attained. So here we go ... striving for the best ... !!!


Dr. Sudha Jain, Advocate said...

BravoI! It is nice to adopt readers view & their observations,As they feel attached with the blog and their sentiments are remiain cocern with the article written on regular basis,and awaited eagerly.
Pl.be continue and keep it up....
Go ahead ....as Complicated update of Legal envoirnment is near to easy grasp for the people due to penned by yourselves.
Thanks once again!

Tarun Mitra said...

Tarun..you are actually doing a great service