20 Dec 2010

Three Years of Law-in-Perspective

December 20, 2007; the day when this blog hosted its first post. Meant to convey ideas and analysis of laws, in the three years of its making this Law-in-Perspective has changed its template twice and added different gadgets but the essence remains the same. Now available and even receiving considerable attention on facebook and twitter, this blog now has some serious followers if the feedback is any guide. However the thrust remains the same even today; to dissect and understand the nuances of law in a manner and language understandable to one and all.

One conspicuous change though is our reliance or rather insistence to post more of cases (with their extracts and links to full texts) since the origin days where the thrust was on discussion. In fact it was even pointed out that this implies a shift as a platform of thought to a mere information sharing tool. However we differ in the survey. Law is not just a discipline of study. It is also a tool for empowerment. Further judges work on a collaborative platform when they take cue from earlier decisions to refine the outlook of a particular proposition and thus expand the understanding, which we terms as jurisprudence. Thus, in our view, it is not just apt  but also befitting our quest for legal understanding to reflect upon the prevailing notions in the words of the administrators themselves. 

In these three years we have been the front-runners in a number of avenues in as much we have commented on live issues, posted the first on some of the major developments in legal circles, written on a number of branches of law, been at the recipient end of a number of plagiarism-attempts (as our avid readers have been diligent in informing us) and have been criticized time and again for our views. However like a elephant which takes all in its stride while walking through a crowded city, we have continued to post. Some of the original contributors have abandoned the bandwagon but the show goes on. The increasing number of daily visitors and subscribers is only a sweet reminder to us that much is of the legal developments is of interest for the common folk.

We have had secret admirers and our eyes and ears in the market but overall which keep us going is the insatiable appetite of our readers and the equally inexhaustible avenues in law for us to write upon. We have however, only one dissatisfaction. Our readers have remain content with what we have written on. Our intellectual dimensions have not been challenged to the extent of its fullest involvement as we have not been subjected to tormenting requests to write upon on issues suggested by our readers. We can, nonetheless, only wait for this dream to come true. And till then, continue to fill in with topics we comfortably deal in.

And finally, a Happy Birthday for our three-year-old kid blog. :)


Tarun Mitra said...

Great work keep it going

Ashish said...

Great job!
Am a regular follower of the blog.

Pavit Singh Katoch said...

Keep up the good work!!!!