23 Dec 2007

Domestic violence: An introspect

Newspapers across the length and breadth of India are reporting almost daily more and more cases of domestic violence taking place. Surprising the enactment on domestic violence became a law only a couple of years back in 2005 but it is being used now on a fairly regular scale. Being a practitioner in the matrimonial side, I have an occasion to see through a large number of such cases on a daily basis. The rampant use and misuse of this enactment has occasioned this comment.

In my view the genesis of this problem lies inter alia in the decline of values in the society which is disturbing the family peace. The age-old concept of joint families is dwindling and nuclear families are becoming a norm, leading to absence of senior family members, carrying the experiences and wisdom to guide the just-married / recently married during conflict / problem times. It would specially be noted that these issues are arising largely amongst young couples, who are unable to find a solution to the conflicts and change in inter-personal roles arising out of the new situation they are in, one brought forth by marriage.

Causes of domestic violence, according to me, are numerous. And surprisingly illiteracy is not a cause for even well-read women, well aware of their rights and special privileges conferred by the legislation are invoking these special provisions on a daily basis just to fend their egos and satisfy the mortal selves. The notions of higher wisdom and better sense seem to have eroded and are not to be found these days.

Then the economic roles which man and woman having been playing in this country having undergone a huge change in the recent times, artificial thoughts of economic superiority are beginning to haunt the family. With differences in salaries, the higher salaried spouse is beginning to dominate the family decisions, which may not necessarily be taken in the correct perspective, leading to tensions and quarrels and even break-ups.

Then there are numerous other so-called ‘compatibility-issues’ haunting the social life of the members of the familial structures, which cannot be resolved without instilling the notions and importance of family values.


Hakuna Matata said...

Modern nuclear families are of course responsible for increased reporting of Domestic Violence. But dont you think this is in positive light, because in a joint family, instances of Domestic Violence are given a pseudo moral sanction by the elders in the family maintaining a dignified silence or only supporting the husband?

Tarun Jain said...

well said Sindhu, but then I find that with someone at the top whom both the spouses respect there are more chances of reconciliation rather than in families devoid of such guidance and stand.
you rightly pointed out that in such families more often than not the incidents are kept within the confines of the houses and I am surely in total support of the stand taken by you but then if a few disquieted moments can save a family from splitting, i think it is worth it. ...

liyi said...

"If a few disquieted moments become a regular" you think its worth to live in a violent relationship to save a family from breaking up.
I honest believed that we do not live in a society where a woman can leave or speak about the violence she faces at the drop of one hand. It takes ages and half their life just thinking about it because marriage to us is sacrosanct.