20 Dec 2007

Law Series

As I had originally thought, having written a lot on random issues, I now move on to write on a series of legal issues.

Since I have noticed that it is often a complaint that law is drafted in a manner such technical and full of legal jargon that none other than the legal professionals are able to identify and understand the substance of enactments, which no doubt effect them day in an out. So I try to give my understanding of issues and ingredients in a non-technical language.

I have named these series of posts as 'Law Series' and as of now I have identified a few topics to deal upon. I will keep adding to this identified list and try to cover as many areas I can. As of now, this list stands as follows;

  1. What is LAW?
  2. Why LAW?
  3. Major legal systems of the world
  4. Branches of LAW
  5. LAW Makers
  6. LAW Executors
  7. Law Interpretors
  8. Natural Sciences and LAW
  9. Social Sciences and LAW
    1. Economics
    2. Sociology
    3. Psychology
    4. Political Science
    5. History

10. Legal Professionals
11. Jurisprudence
12. Schools of Legal Thought

Let us see how far and deep I am able to go in this.

[ :) ]

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