2 Jan 2008

Incoming praise for law blogs: Good signs indeed

It was really nice news articles acknowledging the role played by blogs in redefining the habits and mannerisms of the countrymen, especially the system-runners. This article by rediff [click for the full article], originally published in the Business Standard, did turned out full appreciation to the role played by SpiceIP and other IPR concentrating blogs.

Even the bloggers feel good about it when they are appreciated for the work they carry. [click here for a sample] This in turn makes them strive even harder at the work they have been doing. While some of them are full time professionals occasionally out blogging, there is quiet a hefty number of professional bloggers who serve their heart and mind in blogging. In one of my earlier post I had mentioned a few of such blogs which are in fact driven by high competitive standards and professional content.

In fact the market has now grown from random blogs to full fledged legal-resource platforms providing opportunities for experts and even freebies across the world to pen-in their thoughts and spread them across the world. I have added the feeds from few of such platforms on this blog itself both for the veracity of content and the wide range of topics discussed there.

Looks like the legal community is having a nice time with the blog way around.

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