10 Jan 2008

Some recent really nice articles/posts

Well this is not a creative post and merely a list of few links which I found carrying some nice and interesting piece of legal thought, all mashed up and from different areas and branches of law. So thought that it would be better to post them here with a bit of introduction to each.

1. This first one relates to starting a law firm. In an interview with a senior partner of a technology law firm, Alex Aldridge come out with really nice piece of questions and finds answers to how to opening not just a law firm but in fact finding answers to opening of a 'successful' law firm. A nice reading and gives really thought-provoking ideas into starting with a law firm of own. [click here for full article]

2. Following 'how', the second one is on 'why'; 'why to start a blog'. Just not like any ordinary piece of thought as to why writing a blog is better both personally as well as on the professional front, Lorrie Delk Walker comes out with really good and customer-relation reasons for starting a blog. [click here for the full article]. Then equally interesting is the commentary and follow up comments by Kevin on his own blog about this article. [click here for the full article] Read together, they really inspire an average lawyer to increase his reach and performance in this increasingly becoming competitive professional scenario.

3. Though this one is on law blogs again, but then I simply could not resist myself from putting this in this list. This post, by Kevin again, gives out 8 reasons as to why the lawyers who blog are happier from those who do not. [click here for the full article] Of course I am sure those who do not will deny threadbare any such happier element that they are missing and the lawyers who blog are enjoying, but if you take my word, though writing for the blog takes a bit of your already busy and heavily billed time, but then certainly getting comments from all over the world (something which recently I am getting the privilege of) is really quiet a nice experience not just from the view point of expanding your horizons but also from the perspective of getting a wider reach and influencing the generation of the opinion world over.

4. Then this and the next item is more relevant to tax law buffs. I do not claim that others who are no so deeply knowledgeable about tax will find it out of place, but then the those with a background in tax will find this more relevant to their psyche, especially those with an interest in United States taxation. This post from Tax Prof Blog publishes insightful quotations from Tax Law Professors from across the United States. [click here for the full article] Some of these quotes are really nice and give an interesting account of the past and current perceptions of the masses and experts on tax law and policy and are a worthwhile read for any tax law student.

5. The last one is more tax specific and in fact relates to an ongoing attempt to demystify the impact of corporation. As popularly believed, corporation tax is a tax on capital. However there is an equally stronger opposition which takes the view that contrary to the popular believe, corporation tax is in fact borne by the labour. This 40 page review analyzes various dimensions involved to come to hold that given certain facts, it is more clear that corporation tax is in fact borne by the labour rather than the capital. [click here for the full article] However please note that posting this article does not subscribe me to the view. I am yet to ascertain on my own as to where it affects more.

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