25 Sep 2010

Rehabilitation Grant to Released Prisoners in Delhi

In what can be stated to be a measure of a welfare state, the Government of Delhi has recently notified the Delhi Rehabilitation Grant to Released Prisoners Rules, 2010 which seek to "provide rehabilitation grant to prisoners released from the Jail under Prison Welfare Services with the objective to enable them to have independent livelihood for their rehabilitation".

The notification provides that "Under these rules, rehabilitation grant shall be given to released prisoners on completion of their sentence and who have undergone training programme in one or more vocations/trades during their period of incarceration. The rehabilitation grant is for purchase of essential tools or equipments required for these learnt vocation/trade for their economic rehabilitation."

The grant, however, is subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions. These, in respect of the released prison, are that;
(1) he is a resident of Delhi;
(2) he has been under incarceration for the period of not less than 6 months and released from jail;
(3) he has attained the age of maturity as per law applicable to him as on date of submission of the application;
(4) he has participated in training programme for vocational and skill development during the period of incarceration and is capable of to start independent livelihood activity;
(5) his conduct and behaviour has been satisfactory during the period of incarceration;
(6) his family income from all sources does not exceed rupees sixty thousand per annum or such sum as may be notified by the Government, from time to time.
The applications for the grant shall be considered by an Assessment Committee which would be constituted in terms of the Rules where the quantum of grant is also specified, depending on certain factors. One can only hope that such rehabilitation measures would lead to reduction of crime.

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