27 Nov 2010

Anti-Dowry law abuse: Your opinion now matters

Taking it as our responsibility to point out in particular the laws affecting the socio-legal paradigm, this blog has constantly been the platform highlighting the interaction of such laws. One of the major ones in this regard has been the anti-dowry laws, the onset of which can be attributed to the (sad) social psyche against the brides. However of-late the law has been in limelight more on account of the abuse that it has led to in regard to false implications of the relatives under this stringent laws. The latest decision of the Supreme Court, which this blog wrote upon, also covered this aspect. 
Now, in the wake of a petition made before the Parliament, the Rajya Sabha has constituted a committee to consider the amendments to Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code, which consolidates the law in this respect. The Rajya Sabha has not only made public the petition before it but has also "decided to undertake consultations with a wide cross-section of the society and invites written memoranda thereon." The petitioner has written extensively on the continuous abuse of the law and also the apathy of the judicial institutions to request amendment of the laws. We would urge our erudite readers to send in their comments to the committee within the prescribed time frame on this sensitive issue.

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Sameen said...

The menace of dowry will have to be handled by a change in attitude and behaviour on the part of both parties. Although the groom's family's insistence on dowry is recorded in majority of cases; there are many shocking instances of young brides too wanting to get hold of the possessions/gifts for their own comfort!
Odd as it may sound, but even educated college girls are of the opinion that they would not 'mind' getting those "comforts of life"!
Behaviour change, therefore should not just be limited to parents alone, but must also target young men and women!