1 Nov 2010

International Court of Justice releases Annual Report

In a recent session of the General Assembly, the President of the International Court of Justice released the Annual Report of the ICJ for the period 1 August 2009-31 July 2010. Speaking on the occasion of the Release, the President affirmed that "International Court of Justice has a central role to play in the promotion of the rule of law" and in this context set out the mandate of the Court and the role played by it to this end. In his Statement, he pointed out that the cases handled by the Court last year "involved States from all regions of the world, and the subject-matter has been wide-ranging, extending from classical issues such as diplomatic protection and sovereign immunity to issues of contemporary relevance such as international environmental law."

The President also appreciated the fact of "increased recourse by States to the International Court of Justice for the judicial settlement of their disputes testifying to the growing consciousness among political leaders of these States of the importance of the rule of law in the international community" to note that "the importance of the rule of law in the contemporary international community is growing rapidly, against the backdrop of the deepening process of globalization".

The Annual Report for 2009-10 carries a summary of all cases decided by the ICJ during this period and thus an important and insightful reading on the developments in International Law.

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